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We are proud of our 5-star client reviews.

Our client-focused approach ensures strategic representation and instills confidence among those we serve.

Lauren is an amazing lawyer and person. She is always on top of things and always communicate with me to make sure my documents up to date and to make sure I am prepared for the interview. Her prices are not bad compared to others. Highly recommended!

Mohamed, May 2022

Lauren was amazingly knowledgeable. It was so nice to know we were not paying extra for an attorney to learn. Lauren knew it all. Even crazy complex questions during changing laws with various administrations and COVID, she was on top of it. Didn't overcharge at all and was amazingly responsive. Highly recommend her.

Jessica, January 2022

After being dropped badly by our previous company due to their capacity capabilities, my wife and I were incredibly disheartened. We had no idea they had done us a huge favor as we were immediately introduced to Lauren. Although away with her family for the Labor Day weekend - she phoned us on Saturday to discuss our case, where we were, and what the path forward with her would be. The Immigration process is stressful without administrations making changes, so when things kept changing, Lauren did a brilliant job of explaining clearly what it meant and what further actions would be needed. We felt extremely grateful to have her experience and guidance at every stage - none more so than prepping us for the immigration interview. I'm truly thankful we hired Lauren and had her by our side to navigate the process. She's worth her weight in gold.

Andrew, August 2021

Lauren helped my wife receive her US citizenship. Her knowledge of US Immigration law is extensive (including our unique situation). When it came time for us to submit any official paperwork she helped us be thorough, precise and succinct. Whenever we had any queries or concerns she would answer immediately. She is a positive, solution-orientated professional who I would recommend to anyone.

Patrick, January 2021

Lauren is friendly, helpful and reasonable. She answers questions and replies emails very promptly. She knows her field, immigration, very well. She led a smooth path for me to gain my immigrant status.

Bruce, January 2021

I would give Lauren more stars if I could. I hired her to assist with the final stages of my naturalization process and she was absolutely fantastic. She was so attentive to every question and concern, and although I'm sure she must be very busy she never made me feel like she didn't have time for me. Having had negative experiences when applying for permanent residency I had almost lost faith in immigration attorneys, but Lauren has restored this. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable attorney who genuinely cares about the people she is representing.

Siobhan, January 2019

Lauren was a fantastic immigration lawyer to hire. She was there every step of the way, being both professional and reassuring throughout the entire process. Lauren was always very approachable and responsive to emails and questions when ever they came up. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who wants a bit of help navigating the immigration system.

Becca, December 2018

I had the pleasure of having Lauren as my lawyer while applying for my adjustment of status. From the first meeting Lauren was supportive, clear and involved. She always replied promptly to any question I might have no matter how silly it would be. The process with her went smoothly and I actually received my approval months months ahead of our scheduled timeline. She made sure we had everything ready and planned ahead for any potential outcome.

Oscar, June 2018

Lauren was my attorney for a thorny citizenship situation, which she navigated with ease. Everything was resolved successfully and in a much shorter time than I expected. Lauren was always highly professional, patient, courteous, and thorough. I have a lot of confidence in her judgement. At every stage she knew the next moves to take. It was a pleasure working with Lauren, and I highly recommend her as an attorney.

Andrew, May 2018

Lauren assisted me with an initial DACA application last summer. Due to time constraints, since DACA was rescinded on September 5th, Lauren was instrumental in properly preparing the application in a short amount of time. I was granted DACA this month and couldn't be happier. Without Lauren's help Im sure wouldn't have had the privilege of enjoying DACA protections. Throughout the whole process Lauren addressed all my questions and concerns. I've had the bad fortune of working with other lawyers who wouldn't return phone calls or emails in a timely manner. Lauren was the polar opposite. She was always available and her professionalism, knowledge, and insight put me at ease. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her one bit. In the future if Im allowed to renew without a doubt I will be returning.

David, April 2018


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